EdgeRider Wheels for A-1 Quilting Machines

Our wheels for the A-1 quilting machine represents years of engineering and testing by our company and customers like you. Our wheels were designed specifically for each machine and its track system, not reused from another industry like our competitors. These wheels are manufactured with strict tolerances and are used by thousands of customers.

Where to buy

You can only purchase EdgeRider Wheels for A-1 Quilting Machines through our authorized dealers. If they do not have the authorized dealer logo they are not selling you the Genuine EdgeRider Wheels. View the list of our dealers and contact them to purchase your set.

Installation Instructions for A-1 Quilting Machines

Download now in PDF.


  • 8 - fully assembled wheels


  • 3/16" Allen wrench to install the wheels.

If you are missing any parts from your kit contact your dealer or us directly at support@edgeriderwheels.com.


  1. On the machine, put the sliding-hub wheels on the right side (viewed from the front), the fixed wheels on the left side. On the carriage, the sliding wheels go on the back, the fixed ones on the front.
  2. The wheels are assembled with their axles and spacers. You don't need to use any of the original bolts or washers.
  3. Remove the cardboard disks and install the wheel assemblies at positions labeled on the packages.
  4. The picture shows the wheels on the left side of the arm and the front of the carriage:

A-1 - Photo 1

  1. Remove the bolt from the wheels labeled MACHINE RIGHT. The bar between the axles on the right of the machine goes between the two large washers, where a cardboard disk was placed.
  2. Push in the bolt and one large washer from the right side of the bar, then put on the other large washer, the two small washers, the sliding-hub wheel and the1/4 aluminum spacer on the other side, then mount the assembly.
  3. The picture shows the wheels on the right side of the arm and the back of the carriage:

A-1 - Photo 2

Latest News

  • November 6, 2014 Lenni Carriages EdgeRider Carriages for the APQS Lenni are available again with an improved stabilizer tray and new packaging. Contact our dealers to get yours today.
  • November 1, 2014 Inventory Shipped We have shipped EdgeRider Wheels to several of our dealers. Please contact our dealers to get yours today.

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