EdgeRider Carriage for the APQS Lenni Quilting Machines

Our EdgeRider Carriage for the APQS Lenni quilting machine represents years of engineering and testing by our company and customers like you. Our Lenni Carriage was designed specifically to overcome the problems with the existing Lenni carriages. We spent years trying to develop a wheel set that would work with the existing APQS Lenni carriage system but there were too many problems with the construction of the existing carriages. Our Lenni carriage system has been used by IntelliQuilter customers as part of the computerized quilting system for over a year with great results.

The EdgeRider Carriage for the APQS Lenni works on the black steel table as well as the fold-away two part table with the nylon track system.

Where to buy

You can only purchase EdgeRider Wheels for APQS Quilting Machines through our authorized dealers. If they do not have the authorized dealer logo they are not selling you the Genuine EdgeRider Wheels. View the list of our dealers and contact them to purchase your set.

About APQS

APQS, American Professional Quilting Systems American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) longarm quilting machines combine aircraft aluminum with state-of-the-art electronics to provide ultra light construction & effortless operation. APQS was the 1st to introduce motorized fabric advancement, automatic needle positioner, automatic bobbin thread cutter, a working stitch-regulator which is now called PerfectStitch. Click the logo to visit the APQS website.


Edgerider Carriage Installation for APQS Lenni Machines

Download now in PDF.


  • 1 carriage fully assembled
  • 2 stabilizer assemblies, attached (not usable on the Lenni table that joins in the middle)
  • 16 washers
  • 4 -28 x 5/8 inch bolts
  • 1 end cap


  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1/8 and 5/32 allen wrench
  • 7/16 socket wrench and 7/16 wrench (or 2 7/16 wrenches)
  • Sandpaper

If you are missing any parts from your kit contact your dealer or us directly at support@edgeriderwheels.com. Most bolts can be purchased from a hardware store and in most cases your original bolts can be reused as well.

APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo A
  1. Lift the level bar and prop it up as image on the right shows.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo B
  1. Unplug the carriage encoder/sensor cable from the machine.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo C
  1. Flip up the arm position sensor.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo D
  1. Set the EdgeRider Carriage on the tracks as the figure above shows.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo E & F
  1. Lift the arm from the carriage and rest it on the table tracks as the image shows
  2. Remove the four wheels.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo G, H, I
  1. Cut and remove black wire ties.
  2. Transfer the arm to the EdgeRider Carriage. Make sure the bottom of your machine is sitting on the carriage cross bars.
  3. If the axle does not fit you need to sand off some of the paint on the axle ends.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo J
  1. Use your screwdriver or Allen wrench to align the holes of the carriage bracket and machine axle.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo K
  1. Secure the machine to the carriage with the 4 bolts and washers provided. One washer per bolt. If needed, put additional washers between the axle and the bracket for a tight fit.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo L & M
  1. Position the arm encoder on the middle of the EdgeRider carriage track and secure it with the two shaft collars.
  2. Replace the level bar.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo N
  1. Remove the carriage sensor from the original carriage.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo O
  1. Mount the carriage sensor on the post at the back of the EdgeRider carriage, using the original screw and washers. Align the rubber wheel with the top of the table track.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo P & Q
  1. Loosen then slide the stabilizer bracket in to the back right track. Position it within 1/8-1/4 from the edge of the track with the wheel below it.
  2. Straighten the front stabilizer on the other side of the carriage and adjust to fit.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo R
  1. Use your Allen wrench to tighten the bracket. Make sure it is 1/8 to from the edge of the track.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo S & T
  1. Adjust the wheel level so that it is touching the bottom edge of the track using the 2 nuts above and below the wheel.
  2. Once in place, tighten with your wrench.
APQS Lenni Carriage - Photo U
  1. Put the end cap and plug in place. You are done.