EdgeRider Wheels for
Innova Quilting Machines

Our wheels for the Innova quilting machine represents years of engineering and testing by our company and customers like you. Our wheels were designed specifically for each machine and its track system, not reused from another industry like our competitors. These wheels are manufactured with strict tolerances and are used by thousands of customers.

Where to buy

You can only purchase EdgeRider Wheels for Innova Quilting Machines through our authorized dealers. If they do not have the authorized dealer logo they are not selling you the Genuine EdgeRider Wheels. View the list of our dealers and contact them to purchase your set.

Installation Instructions for Innova Quilting Machines

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  • 8 - fully assembled wheels

If you are missing any parts from your kit contact your dealer or us directly at support@edgeriderwheels.com.

Innova - Photo 1

Fig. 1

Innova - Photo 2

Fig. 2

Innova - Photo 3

Fig. 3


  1. Slightly loosen the bolts ("A") on the bracket that holds the front wheels, so it can allow for changes in the alignment of the rear wheels.
  2. Prop up the middle of the rear wheel bracket and replace one of the outer wheels with a fixed-hub E/R wheel. Use the existing washer ("A") and locknut ("B"). Move the bolt in the middle of the slot and tighten the nut.
  3. Replace the other outer wheel. Use the enclosed height leveler block ("A" on Fig. 3) instead of the original nut.
  4. Set the adjusting screw ("B" on Fig. 3) to its outermost position and push the wheel mounting screw to the top of the slot. Tighten the bolt enough to hold the wheel, but allow adjustments.
  5. Remove both inner wheels and position the E/R wheels on the top of the track. You may need to slide the front wheel bracket in/out to allow this.
  6. Prop up the front of the carriage and replace both front wheels with sliding-hub E/R wheels using the existing washers and locknuts.
  7. Move the front bracket in/out until the middle of the groove of the wheels is aligned with the top of the rails and there is equal clearance on the sliding hub on both sides of the wheel.
  8. Drive in the adjusting screw of the height leveler to pull the wheel down, until all four wheels have traction.
  9. Roll the carriage all the way along the table and check the alignment of the wheels. If you find bent spots on the rails, or misaligned rails, correct them. The carriage should roll freely, with no noticeable drag.


The EdgeRider wheels come with proper spacing, you don't need to use any of the original washers.

  1. Remove the rear left wheel (viewed from the front).
  2. Mount a fixed EdgeRider wheel on the axle; don't use any of the original washers.
  3. Remove the wheel from the front left axle (viewed from the front).
  4. Mount a fixed-hub E/R wheel on the front axle.
  5. Remove the rear right wheel (viewed from the front) and mount a sliding EdgeRider wheel on the axle.
  6. Install a sliding EdgeRider wheel on the front right axle.