EdgeRider Wheels for
APQS Ultimate 2 Quilting Machines

Our wheels for the APQS Ultimate II quilting machine represents years of engineering and testing by our company and customers like you. Our wheels were designed specifically for each machine and its track system, not reused from another industry like our competitors. These wheels are manufactured with strict tolerances and are used by thousands of customers.

Where to buy

You can only purchase EdgeRider Wheels for APQS Quilting Machines through our authorized dealers. If they do not have the authorized dealer logo they are not selling you the Genuine EdgeRider Wheels. View the list of our dealers and contact them to purchase your set.

About APQS

APQS, American Professional Quilting Systems American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) longarm quilting machines combine aircraft aluminum with state-of-the-art electronics to provide ultra light construction & effortless operation. APQS was the 1st to introduce motorized fabric advancement, automatic needle positioner, automatic bobbin thread cutter, a working stitch-regulator which is now called PerfectStitch. Click the logo to visit the APQS website.

How can you tell you have an APQS Ultimate II quilting machine?

EdgeRider Wheels for the APQS Ultimate II quilting machines fit the standard table and carriage system. If you have upgraded your system to something else you will need to check your wheel placement to make sure you get the correct product for your machine.

The main things you need to look for are:

  • Vertical wheels on the machine and carriage.
  • Wooden table.

If you have these you need our Ultimate 2 set. You can also use our product selector to the right to double check.

Installation Instructions for Ultimate 2 Machines

Download now in PDF.


  • 2 smaller wheels with sliding hub (blue tape) for machine head
  • 2 smaller wheels with fixed hub for machine head
  • 4 larger wheels with fixed hub - for carriage
  • 8 thin washers
  • 8 thick washers
  • 4 1 inch bolts (brass color)
  • 4 1 inch bolts (silver)
  • 4 nuts (silver)

If you are missing any parts from your kit contact your dealer or us directly at support@edgeriderwheels.com. Most bolts can be purchased from a hardware store and in most cases your original bolts can be reused as well.

APQS Ultimate 2 - Photo 1 The EdgeRiderTM wheels provide firm alignment for the machine by running on the edges of the aluminum channels, as the picture shows. There are two sliding hub wheels in your kit, to be mounted on the left side of the arm (viewed from the front). The slider sleeves provide self alignment, keeping the wheels positioned on both sides as shown on the picture.


APQS Ultimate 2 - Photo 2 The carriage wheels should be aligned with the center of the tracks, so the edges of the wheels run on the sides of the track, as the picture shows. Make sure that both edges are touching the track. Use washers to fine adjust the wheel positions.

Lift the carriage and rest it on a block, or the handle of a larger screwdriver to make the wheel replacement easier.

APQS Ultimate 2 - Photo 3Install the 4 carriage wheels using the enclosed 1 - 1/4"-20 (silver) bolts and nuts.

  1. insert the bolt into the rear bracket
  2. put two thick washers on the bolt
  3. APQS Ultimate 2 - Photo 4
  4. slide the wheel on the bolt with the hub away from the bracket
  5. put one thin washer on the bolt
  6. secure the wheel with the nut


APQS Ultimate 2 - Photo 5 Install two wheels on the right side (viewed from the front) using the same washers that were used on the original arm wheels. However, you will need to use the longer bolts included in your kit. Make sure that the hubs are positioned on the outside.

Remove the tape from the sliding hub wheels and install them on the left side of the arm. Check if there is enough clearance for the wheel to slide in/out while compensating for possible misalignment of the tracks. If there is not enough clearance, add/remove washers at the right side.

If there was an "L" bracket on the left front wheel, reinstall it, but put two washers between the bracket and the wheel to provide safe clearance.